There are many ways to send messages to players/guardians/coaches. You can send messages in the app like this:

It is easy to send group messages and individual messages in the app.

1. To do that you go to your profile and then you go to the group.

2. Then you click on Group Message and then you can send a message to the members you want to send a message.

In Web:

1. Click on the General tab and press Message.

You have 4 options:

  • Send message to everyone in the age group
  • Send message to players only
  • Send message to guardians only
  • Send message to coaches only

Note: You can always see what individuals you are sending to by pressing the users tab at top.

2. Click on the members tab and next to the players name you can press on the 3 dots and send message.

You can send players direct message from there

3. Click on groups and click on the 3 dots next to the sub-group you want to send message to.

There you can send message to that particular group and choose between players/parents/coaches or everyone

4. If you click on the guardians tab you can press the 3 dots next to the guardians name and send message direct to the guardian.

5. If you press on the events tab you can send message to those attending to a particular event