No codes or anything - just a simple operation and everyone gets the right schedule!

At the end of the summer season and a new season is approaching, the club's age group in Sportabler needs to be updated. What needs to be done is to update the age range in each category and also to enter the correct period as the attendance ratio is calculated based on the period in which the age group is operated.

Players are then filtered out, e.g. by age and moved to a new category all at once.

1. First step is to go into the right age group. In this example we use the u-10 age group at the Sportabler club

2. The second step is to edit the age group. For example if u10 is now for 2009-2010 then next season is supposed to be 2010-2011. (See Edit age group)

3. When you have edit the age group correctly the next step is to move the players born in 2009 to the under 14 age group. You start by filtering the birth year and select the year you want to move from that age group. Then all the 2009 players in this example are filtered out. You can select them all and move them to the next age group.